A Tokyo Moment is a blog dedicated to helping tourists in Tokyo find the best events by providing reviews and insider tips.

Who am I?

To try to answer that question for you and myself, let’s start out simple. My name is Joanna. I’m from a grey town a little way south of Manchester in the UK.

Where am I?

I’m currently staying in Tokyo again, after living here for two years previously.

What am I doing?

Right now, I’m working on a university project based on events in the city. I’m studying for my Master of Arts Degree in Creative Writing at Manchester Metropolitan University. I study part-time/online and also work part-time/online (as an English Teacher for students in China) so I can follow the whim of my feet whenever they get itchy.

Why am I making this blog?

I figured while I was visiting Tokyo, I could base my project on the city. Tokyo hosts hundreds of events every week, but I feel that the information available to foreigners about such events is limited. Most websites provide the basic details of events, but I think reviews could be helpful to people considering attending something in Tokyo. Plus, I love to try out all things new and novel.

Why did I move to Japan in the first place?

My interest in Japan started out as a kid’s obsession with Pokemon and then it kind of escalated from there. I fell in love with the idea of living in a mishmash world of Hello Kitty, sushi, cherry blossom and forested mountains, where I would feel no danger, everything would be open 24 hours, and the streets/hi-tech toilets would be squeaky-clean at all times.

Why did I leave?

I just felt like it was time to move on. I got a taste of the world and was ready for new adventures.

And come back?

Ramen, friends and ramen! I miss having countless ways to amuse myself at my fingertips.

Why did I choose to study Creative Writing?

I want to write books for children, because my head is full of silly thoughts.


Loves: Ramen, adventures and mini golf.

Hates: Working.

Things I really want do before I die: Ride in a hot air-balloon (achievable); enter the ice sculpture contest at Sapporo Snow Festival (questionable); learn another language fluently (I’m working on Spanish to travel in Central and South America eventually).

Some things that I’ve already done: Climbed Mt. Fuji in Japan, Christmas’ed wearing a bikini in Indonesia, scuba-dived in Thailand, admired the Taj Mahal in India, trekked for 14 days through mountains in Nepal, camped in the desert in Morocco, cooed at penguins in South Africa, worked in a toy shop at Disney World in Florida, tip-toped across lava fields in Hawaii. Other places and other stuff…

What is my general life philosophy? Life’s short; not so original, but true. When you’re old you will only regret opportunities missed. So, live how you want to live (without harming people, animals or the environment too much…) Don’t take things so seriously. Life is better when you’re laughing!

Soo that sums up things up. If ya wanna chat or play mini golf, click here to contact me.