Antique vs. Flea – Markets in Tokyo

Oedo Antique Market & Shinagawa Intercity Flea Market Every weekend, eager dealers flood markets across Tokyo with the finest selection of bits and bobs, as well as treasures and troves! Whether it was stowed on the shelf for donkey’s or buried in the depths of grandma’s closet, it’s been dusted off and labelled up for sale! Something is bound to catch your eye or raise … Continue reading Antique vs. Flea – Markets in Tokyo

Aloha Tokyo 2019

Tokyo’s biggest Hawaii festival Aloha Tokyo is the city’s number one Hawaii festival, accommodating around 200,000 attendees hungry for the hula and pineapple patties over the 3-day event. I know what you’re thinking; Tokyo has more than one Hawaii festival?! Well, Japan and Hawaii go waay back, and the Japanese gush at the thought of summer vacays in the land of luaus, so anything Hawaii … Continue reading Aloha Tokyo 2019